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Stars & Stripes Illuminated Deluxe Pool Raft

Our Stars & Stripes Illuminated Deluxe Pool Raft will add a bright and colorful touch to your pool! It is made with heavy-duty PVC that can hold up to 250lbs, and has a realistic-looking US Flag photo print. Additionally, the lights can be set to either flash or glow.

Enjoy the US Flag decor while you lounge around the pool day or night!

Measures 74" x 30"

  • Dive into patriotic fun with our Stars & Stripes Pool Raft LED Deluxe – lighting up your pool in red, white, and blue brilliance!
  • Make a splash with our United States flag inflatable – illuminating your pool with stars and stripes, day or night!
  • Elevate your pool experience with the ultimate LED pool raft – adding a radiant glow to your aquatic adventures!
  • Turn night swims into mesmerizing spectacles with vibrant LED lights – creating a dazzling display of patriotism!