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Bring a sense of enchantment to your pool with the Holographic Oyster Shell Float from PoolCandy! This luxurious raft features a wide body that’s easy to stretch out on, and the holographic material looks elegant and changes co...
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Nothing catches the sunlight quite like the Holographic Sun Chair. Lights and colors will flash and dance around your body as you comfortably float in your pool! PoolCandy Glitterfied® Sun Chairs include handles to make it easy...
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Add some sparkle to your day with the White Glitter Deluxe Pool Raft from PoolCandy. Approximately 6 feet long, this Deluxe Glitterfied® Pool Raft is a beautiful way to relax and play in the pool! It's made with heavy-duty PVC ...
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Glamorize your pool with a graceful Holographic Goose Pool Tube from PoolCandy! This enchanting, iridescent float is a shining, stylish addition to your swimming pool. The 42" Goose features special holographic PVC that shimmer...