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SplashParty Pillow Raft - Bubblegum Pink - "Vacation Mode"

SplashParty Pillow Raft - Bubblegum Pink - "Vacation Mode"

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Pillow Raft -  - Bubblegum Pink - "Vacation Mode"

Get ready to unwind in style with this stunning pool float from SplashParty. The translucent pink float features a playful, bubbly design that is perfect for your next pool party. Printed with the words "Vacation Mode", this raft is the ultimate accessory for any tropical escape.

At 70 inches long, this full-body float is perfect for stretching out and soaking up the sun. The comfortable pillow allows you to relax and enjoy the water while staying afloat. Whether you're lounging in the pool, relaxing on the beach, or simply enjoying a day in the sun, this pillow raft is the perfect addition to your aquatic adventures.

Upgrade your pool game and turn heads with this stylish and comfortable pool float. It's time to get into the "Vacation Mode" and enjoy your day in the sun in the best way possible.

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