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RealTree Max 7 36" Pool Tube

RealTree Max 7 36" Inflatable Pool Tube. The perfect camo style pool floaty.

Experience ultimate relaxation with the Realtree Max-7 36" Pool Tube from PoolCandy. Its durable construction, vibrant design, and comfortable size make it the perfect accessory for poolside enjoyment.

  1. Premium Quality: Crafted with durable materials, the Realtree Max-7 36" Pool Tube ensures longevity, providing a reliable and enjoyable pool experience.

  2. Vibrant Design: Featuring the iconic Realtree Max-7 pattern, this pool tube adds a touch of style to your poolside relaxation, making you stand out in the water.

  3. Comfortable Size: With a generous 36" diameter, this pool tube offers ample space for lounging, allowing you to stretch out and unwind while floating in the refreshing water.

  4. Easy Inflation/Deflation: The pool tube is designed for hassle-free setup and storage, making it convenient to inflate and deflate, ensuring a quick and effortless experience.

  5. Versatile Use: Whether you're at the pool, beach, or lake, the Realtree Max-7 36" Pool Tube is perfect for various water environments, providing versatile and enjoyable aquatic fun.

  6. Fun for All Ages: Suitable for both adults and kids, this pool tube is a family-friendly accessory, promoting shared moments of joy and relaxation in the water.