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Realtree Edge SuperBlaster; Motorized Water Gun

Realtree Edge SuperBlaster Electronic Water Gun.

Are you tired of the same old water guns that require pumping and have low pressure? Do you want to take your water battles to the next level with a realistic and powerful water blaster? If so, you need the Realtree Edge SuperBlaster; Motorized Water Gun by PoolCandy!

This amazing water gun is unlike any other. It features:

- A battery-operated electronic pump that shoots water over 30 feet at the touch of a button

- An easy to fill water magazine that pops on and off for quick reloads

- A realistic Realtree Edge camo design that blends in with your surroundings

- A durable and lightweight plastic construction that can withstand rough play

- A comfortable and ergonomic handle that fits any hand size

The Realtree Edge SuperBlaster Water Gun is perfect for all ages and occasions. Whether you're having a backyard party, a pool day, a camping trip, or a tailgate event, you'll have a blast soaking your friends and family with this awesome water gun. No more pumping, no more hassle, just pure fun and excitement.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the Realtree Edge SuperBlaster Water Gun, the ultimate water gun for your next adventure. Order yours today and get ready to have a blast.