Rick and Morty Giant Inflatable Pool Island Morty Head

$39.99 USD
  • Aw, wow! Ch-check out this 2-Sided Inflatable Pool Island in the shape of Morty’s Head! I mean, it’s really big. And 2-sided.
  • One side is happy Morty, and the other side looks like Morty faced with some interdimensional, existential issue or something!
  • Rock the pool, the lake, the beach with your very own giant inflatable Morty
  • You will be say Aw sheesh & Wubba Lubba Dub Dub while floating in the water with this incredible looking Morty double sided inflatable island
  • Fits one or two people
  • 2 sides means twice the fun
  • Made from durable PVC.

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