Glitter 48" Jumbo Llama Pool Tube



Product Details

Due to overwhelming popular demand, the PoolCandy Glitter Llama Pool Tube has temporarily sold out!  We’re working hard to get them back in stock and we have new production in process that will allow us to start shipping orders again by no later than July 12th.

Please place your pre-order now while supplies last, in order to get on the waiting list and be guaranteed your delivery once the new production arrives.

Release your wild side with our Jumbo Inflatable Llama Pool Float filled with sparkling gold hexagonal glitter. This Llama will turn any ordinary pool party into a must-see event.

We guarantee kids will love using it and you will look cool floating in it. Take it to the beach, the river, the lake or even your own back yard swimming pool. No matter the location this Llama will rock the water.

Jumbo-sized 48" transparent ring is filled with rainbow glitter that has a holographic rainbow effect in the sunlight. This shimmering Llama will catch everyone's eye and be a must have for your next beach or pool Instagram post!  

Measuring approximately 65" x 49" x 37" and made of durable vinyl and will hold up to 250 lb. person. Includes patch kit!


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