SNOWCANDY Snow Tube 48" Galaxy Glitter

$34.99 USD
  • The new Glitter Galaxy Snow Tube using RealPrint technology. This pink glitter filled snow tube uses the deep space super region photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. This image is a wavelengths composite of images from the Hubble Telescope, featuring an HII region emission nebula. The image also shows numerous galaxies, each averaging approximately 100 million stars.
  • Add some much needed color to the your snow day with the new SnowCandy Heavy-Duty Arctic jumbo Snow Tube.
  • This epic looking snow tube will let you stand above the crowed with its super bright colors.
  • The best part is this snow tube is rated to support up to 250lbs!
  • Comes with comfort grip handles and can easily deflate for easy storage.
  • Heavy-Duty durable PVC.
  • Cold-Resistant to -25 degrees.
  • Deflates in moments, allowing for tight folding for easy storage.
  • Supports up to 250lbs rider.

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